How We Broke the Hangover Cycle Without Relying on Willpower or Meetings.
Welcome, and congratulations on having the guts to be here! You are in the right place. 
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Presented by Erin Ranta and Adrienne van der Valk, co-founders of 
the Hangover Liberation Society.
In this training, you'll learn about the Hangover Liberation method and three keys to breaking the hangover cycle.
  • ​​Why using willpower to quit doesn't work, and why this is NOT your fault.
  • ​Why you don't have to skip events and celebrations, and why staying home may do more harm than good.
  • ​Why the Hangover Liberation method works especially well if you've tried and failed to quit multiple times. 
100% No Cost
Disclaimer: The Hangover Liberation Society is not a treatment center. We do not prescribe medication or offer mental health services.
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